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Eskimo Girl

Eskimo Girl animated series runs for 4 seasons of 26 episodes each. Every episode tells a kind and touching story about Arctic adventures of the curious Eskimo Girl and her friends. Characters use non-verbal communication which makes them universally understandable for the children around the world.

Category: Series

Genre: Comedy, Edutainment

Running Time: 26 x 6 min.

Audience: Preschool, 0+, Family

Format: Animated Series

Technique: 3D Animation

Status: Ready, 4 Seasons

Sound: Stereo

Language: Non-Verbal

Producers: Egor Olesov

Today the sea will wash ashore a gramophone and a rescue raft, tomorrow it will give her an air horn or an umbrella. Do these gifts mean anything? The little Eskimo Girl will accept the challenge to solve any riddle! Each episode tells a heart-warming story about the adventures of our curious little heroine and her friends. Eskimo Girl is a touching feel-good story about the importance of friendship and family and the many surprises this world holds for us. It will be fun to watch for both children and their parents. All characters use the universal non-verbal communication means such as gestures, mimics and sounds.

Eskimo Girl animated series runs for 4 seasons of 26 episodes each. The series has enjoyed wide international success and is currently available for global audience in Ukraine, Estonia, Kazakhstan, the USA, Canada, China, South Korea, Scandinavia and many other countries.


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