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Tiki is a cheerful and mischievous little girl, who lives on the farm with her animal friends. Every day they are rivaled by naughty bear, who lives in the nearby forest. But wit, kindness and loyal heart help Tiki to find a way out of any trouble.

Category: Series
Genre: Сomedy, Adventure
Running time: 26 x 6 min.
Audience: Preschool, 3+, Family
Format: Animated Series
Technique: 3D Animation
Status: In Development
Sound: Stereo
Language: English, Ukrainian 
Producers: Egor Olesov
Director: Kostyantyn Fedorov
Screenplay: Kostyantyn Fedorov, Yaroslav Voitseshek

An animated series featuring cheerful little Tiki who lives on a farm and is a kind of girl that never fails to keep you entertained. Her friends are a scientist cat named DOC, a watchdog named SOBAK and a funny rabbit named ZIGI. Together they lead a joyful life amongst nature. However, their peace is constantly broken by bear named Bo, a curious and cunning forest dweller, and his henchmen the Hedgehogs who regularly sneak to the farm and are plotting various tricks against Tiki. But she and her friends are quite a team and very hard to outwit! ‘Tiki’ is a children’s 3D animated series with universal appeal, explosive humor and whimsical characters originally designed by Animagrad studio.


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