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Whizz Kids

Whizz Kids - an educational animated series for ages 6-8. The main characters of the series - little boy and girl, who in the company of the wise professor and robotic dog experiencing adventures and make amazing discoveries in the history, geography, biology, physics, chemistry and other sciences.

Category: Series
Genre: Adventures, Edutainment
Running time: 26 x 6 min.
Audience: For Ages 6-8
Format: Animated Series
Technique: 2D/3D Animation
Sound: Stereo
Language: English, Ukrainian 
Producers: Egor Olesov
Director: Yevhen Yermak
Screenplay: Anton Bazelinskii

Wizz Kids is an educational animated series designed in hand with psychologists to foster young children's natural curiosity about science and the world. It is aimed at both boys and girls in preschool. The series will be made using the latest trends in 3D animation to create visuals that are optimally suited for children's perception. Each series will offer interesting facts from history, geography, biology, physics, chemistry, and other sciences in a playful way. In the series, a young boy and girl embark on exciting adventures alongside a knowledgeable professor and their trusty robot canine companion. Together, they uncover incredible discoveries and broaden their perspectives.


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